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Swift Silent Deep is the story of the Jackson Hole Air Force and skiing’s rebel spirit. A coming of age tale of a rag tag group of ski bums who s rebellious spirit ducked ropes and broke laws under the cover of storms and in the process became the country s most infamous ski fraternity. Founded in the 80 s by Captain Benny Wilson and Howie Hollywood Henderson, the gang s outlandish adventures played a major role in birth extreme sports by leading skiing s big air revolution and pioneering the big mountains of Alaska s Chugach range. Through infinite images in national ski publication and films, and the domination of the first “World Extreme Skiing Championships”, this underground brotherhood would eventually change the face of hard-core ski culture in America. This rock n roll journey takes viewers through the beginning of the American ski industry and the birth of the American ski bum, a unique counter culture totally committed to the pursuit of skiing. An 86- minute run through the snow covered mountains of history, Swift Silent Deep is the definitive film on hard-core ski culture in America.

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