Tell Your Friends! The Stand-Up Comedy Concert Film! (2 DVDs and CD Soundtrack) SS


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DVD.1-1 No Artist– Opening Titles 0:18
DVD.1-2 A Brief View Of The Hudson– Title 2:46
DVD.1-3 Liam McEneaney– Liam 6:37
DVD.1-4 Leo Allen– Leo 11:29
DVD.1-5 Various– Venue 1:17
DVD.1-6 Christian Finnegan– Christian 9:12
DVD.1-7 Various– Clubs 5:09
DVD.1-8 Rob Paravonian– Rob 7:14
DVD.1-9 Various– Alternative 2:26
DVD.1-10 Kurt Braunohler & Kristen Schaal– Kurt And Kristen 15:58
DVD.1-11 Various– Peers 1:31
DVD.1-12 Reggie Watts– Reggie 14:57
DVD.1-13 A Brief View Of The Hudson– Credits 4:42
DVD.2-1 Liam McEneaney– Liam 2:41
DVD.2-2 Christian Finnegan– Christian 3:04
DVD.2-3 Leo Allen– Leo 3:41
DVD.2-4 Rob Paravonian– Rob 3:14
DVD.2-5 Kurt Braunohler & Kristen Schaal– Kurt And Kristen 4:33
DVD.2-6 Reggie Watts– Reggie 1:30
DVD.3 No Artist– Hang Out Backstage 11:41
CD.1 Liam McEneaney– Relationship With Alcohol 2:01
CD.2 Liam McEneaney– Girls’ Night Out 2:41
CD.3 Liam McEneaney– Whiskey #10 3:36
CD.4 Liam McEneaney– You Can End It All At White Castle 1:20
CD.5 Leo Allen– “How Dare You, Word For Windows” 2:00
CD.6 Leo Allen– Planning For My Old Age 3:45
CD.7 Leo Allen– Which Is Funnier? 6:48
CD.8 Rob Paravonian– Playing The Oldies 1:45
CD.9 Rob Paravonian– Poor Twice 2:28
CD.10 Rob Paravonian– There’s Always An A-Hole On The Internet 3:23
CD.11 Christian Finnegan– Fun City 2:27
CD.12 Christian Finnegan– Going Down Under 3:05
CD.13 Christian Finnegan– Land Of A Million Beards 1:35
CD.14 Christian Finnegan– Wish I Was A Nerd (Drama Club) 2:59
CD.15 Christian Finnegan– The Slam Test 1:50
CD.16 Kurt Braunohler & Kristen Schaal– Crowd Work 4:07
CD.17 Kurt Braunohler & Kristen Schaal– Phone Call Suite 14:58
CD.17-i Kurt Braunohler & Kristen Schaal– Our Day Job
CD.17-ii Kurt Braunohler & Kristen Schaal– Pocahontas
CD.17-iii Kurt Braunohler & Kristen Schaal– John Smith
CD.18 Reggie Watts– Mic Check 1-2 1:15
CD.19 Reggie Watts– Muffin 5:47
CD.20 Reggie Watts– Front 242 3:30
CD.21 Reggie Watts– Cry Baby (Exit Music For A Film) 6:14

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