America’s National Treasures (The Complete 12 Volume Series) (2 Blu-rays)


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America s National Treasures Blu-Ray
AN ASTONISHING JOURNEY IN STUNNING HIGH DEFINITION! …… A Breathtaking view of America s Gorgeous Landscape!
…this handsomely- produced set is a treat for armchair travelers, students, and history buffs. Highly recommended. – Video Librarian
In 1906 Teddy Roosevelt created the nation s first national monument destination. The purpose was to preserve all of America s significant pieces of history. Since then, all National Monuments have been designated by Presidents as their personal memorials which they sought to protect above all others. America s National Treasures tells the story of America s past and present glory. This 12 volume set takes a journey through the Ecology, Geology and beauty of the Great Plains, the Geologic West and the Historic South in a spectacular 7 hour adventure never to be forgotten.
Volume 1: Geologic Wonders of the Northern Plains
Volume 2: Sioux Indian Wars
Volume 3: Manifest Destiny
Volume 4: The Southern Plains
Volume 5: Prehistoric Native Americans
Volume 6: Southern Spanish Colonies
Volume 7: Slavery and the Plantation System
Volume 8: Civil War and the Confederacy
Volume 9: Fossil Treasures of the Pacific Northwest
Volume 10: The Pacific Northwest’s Ring of Fire
Volume 11: The Historic Pacific Northwest
Volume 12: The Great Biodiversity of the Pacific Northwest
Presented in stunning High Definition video and Dolby Digital audio
Hosted by Bo Svenson and Jordan Murphy
Over 7 hours of incredible footage
BD Rom Extras:
Teacher’s Guide
Blackline Master Quizzes
Directions to Monuments
Plains National Monuments by Date founded
Plains National Monuments by State
Plains National Monuments by President with biographies and pictures
Printable Screen savers from each of the monuments in the series
Historical Documents
Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
National Historic Preservation Act of 1966
National Antiquities Act 1906
Homestead Act 1862
Archaeological Resources Protection Act

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