Bach – The Concertos For One And Two Harpsichords (2 CDs)


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No. 1 In D Minor, BWV 1052
A1 Allegro
A2 Adagio
A3 Allegro
No. 3 In D, BWV 1054
A4 (No Title)
A5 Adagio E Piano Sempre
A6 Allegro
No. 5 In F Minor, BWV 1056
A7 (No Title)
A8 Largo
A9 Presto
No. 6 In F, BWV 1057
A10 (No Title)
A11 Andante
A12 Allegro Assai
No. 7 In G Minor, BWV 1058
A13 (No Title)
A14 Andante
A15 Allegro Assai
No. 2 In E, BWV 1053
B1 (No Title)
B2 Siciliano
B3 Allegro
No. 4 In A, BWV 1055
B4 Allegro
B5 Larghetto
B6 Allegro Ma Non Tanto
In C Minor, BWV 1060
B7 Allegro
B8 Largo Ovverro Adagio
B9 Allegro
In C, BWV 1061
B10 (No Title)
B11 Adagio
B12 Vivace
In C Minor, BWV 1062
B13 (No Title)
B14 Andante E Piano
B15 Allegro Assai

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