Bantock – Celtic and Hebridean Symphonies, etc. – Vernon Handley RC


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Celtic Symphony For String Orchestra And Six Harps (1940) (19:55)
1 Lento Sostenuto 3:31
2 Allegro Con Fuoco 7:10
3 Andante Con Tenerezza 4:55
4 Allegro Con Spirito 1:28
5 Largamento Maestoso 3:00
The Witch Of Atlas (Tone Poem For Orchestra No 5) (1902) (14:37)
6 A: A Lady-witch There Lived On Atlas’ Mountain Within A Cavern, By A Secret Fountain. 2:07
7 B: ‘Tis Said, She Was First Changed Into Vapour, And Then Into A Cloud, Such Clouds As Flit, Like Splendour-wingèd Moths About A Taper, Round The Red West When The Sun Dies In It … 2:18
8 C: And Old Silenus, Shaking A Green Stick Of Lilies, And The Wood-gods In A Crew Came, Blithe, As In The Olive Corpses Thick Cicadae Are, Drunk With Noonday Dew: And A Dryope And Faunus Followed Quick, Teasing The God To Sing Them Something New; Till In This Cave They Found A Lady Lone, Sitting Upon A Seat Of Emerald Stone. 2:36
9 D: And Every Nymph Of Stream And Spreading Tree, And Every Shepherdess Of Ocean’s Flocks, Who Drives Her White Waves Over The Green Sea, And The Ocean With The Brine On His Grey Locks, And Quaint Priapus With His Company, All Came, Much Wondering How The Enwombèd Rocks Could Have Brought Forth So Beautiful A Birth: – Her Love Subdued Their Wonder And Their Mirth. 1:32
10 E: For She Was Beautiful: Her Beauty Made The Bright World Dim, And Everything Beside Seemed Like The Fleeting Image Of A Shade … 1:01
11 F: The Deep Recess Of Her Odorous Dwelling Were Stored With Magic Treasures – Sounds Of Air, Which Had The Power All Spirits Compelling. 0:32
12 G: And Then She Called Out To Hollow Turrets Of Those High Clous, White, Golden, And Vermilion, The Armies Of Her High Ministering Spirits – In Mighty Legions Million After Million They Came, Each Troop Emblazoning Its Merits On Meteor Flags; As Many A Proud Pavilion, Of The Intertexture Of The Atmosphere, They Pitched Upon The Plain Of The Calm Mere. 1:53
13 H: To Those She Saw Most Beautiful, She Gave Strange Panacea In A Crystal Bowl: They Drank In Their Deep Sleep Of Of That Sweet Wave, And Lived Thenceforth As If Some Control, Mightier Than Life, Were In Them; And The Grave Of Such, When Death Oppressed The Weary Soul, Was A Green And Over-aching Bower Lit By The Gems Of Many A Starry Flower. 2:53
14 The Sea Reivers (Hebridean Sea Poem No 2) (1920) 3:44
Hebridean Symphony (1913) (35:06)
15 Untitled 7:26
16 Untitled 3:01
17 Untitled 5:41
18 Untitled 3:23
19 Untitled 3:28
20 Untitled 3:51
21 Untitled 2:51
22 Untitled 2:08
23 Untitled 3:20

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