Big Box of Horror (10 Movie Set) (2 DVDs) (Zombies vs. Strippers, I Eat Your Skin, Destined To Be Ingested, etc. )


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[5.2] DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS (USA/Hungary-1990) – Anthony Perkins, Mia Sara, Robert Reynolds
Katherine travels to Romania to find her father and uncovers their blood-sucking legacy.
[3.5] ZOMBIES VS. STRIPPERS (2012) – Circus-Szalewski, Eve Mauro, Victoria Levine
Zombie apocalypse comes to a down-and-out adult establishment where strippers must fight off invading flesh-eaters.
[6.9] THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (USA/Italy-1964) – Vincent Price
Scientist Robert Morgan must save humanity from extinction after a sinister plague transforms mankind into a blood-thirsty breed of creatures.
[3.2] I EAT YOUR SKIN (aka Zombie Bloodbath) (1971) – William Joyce, Heather Hewitt, Walter Coy
When a writer travels to a remote island to gather material for his next novel, he discovers that it’s full of zombies and meets the cancer researcher who’s to blame.
[3.8] DESTINED TO BE INGESTED (2008) – Amanda Cole, Suzi Lorraine, Theodore Bouloukos
In the South Pacific, a group of vacationers end up on an island inhabited by vicious natives. DISC TWO
[3.5] DARK SPIRITS (2008) – Milena Minichová, Dan Brown, Vlastina Svátková
Eva witnesses the death of her sister, Tereza, in a violent dream. When Tereza doesn’t heed her warning, Eva’s premonition comes true.
[4.3] EMPTY ROOMS (2012) – Ramlah Frediani, Charlie Koudsi
Devoted single mom Maddie Usher and her mute autistic son, Jonah have just moved into an old house in a quiet neighborhood, where suddenly his behavior completely changes.
[2.7] EVIDENCE OF A HAUNTING (2010) – Jessica D. Fulling, Renee Wiggins, Scott Evans
The Supernatural Phenomena Research Society encounters its most difficult case yet in the tunnels below a community college.
[2.9] 19 DOORS (2011) – Natalie Bail, Norm Wash, John W. Iwanonkiw
A screenwriter, Grace, moves into a haunted old hotel to inspire her next piece. But opening the doors releases an old legend–a legend with a murderous past.
[4.8] Wes Craven Presents: DON’T LOOK DOWN USA/Canada-1998) – Megan Ward, Billy Burke, Angela Moore
When tragedy instills a fear of heights in Carla, her search for help with the phobia only results in more danger.

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