British Beat Collection – Rare British Broadcasts – The Beat Era 1964-1968 Volume 2 (3 CD Box Set) (Import) (SS)


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1-1 The Pirates (3)– Love Is A Swingin’ Thing
1-2 The Pirates (3)– Can’t Understand
1-3 The Pirates (3)– Shade Of Blue (With Interview)
1-4 The Lemon Tree– Hush
1-5 The Lemon Tree– William Chaulker’s Time Machine (With Interview)
1-6 Paddy, Klaus & Gibson– No Good Without You Baby (With Interview)
1-7 Paddy, Klaus & Gibson– Walk On The Wild Side
1-8 The Gnomes Of Zurich– Skate
1-9 The Gnomes Of Zurich– High Hopes (With Interview)
1-10 The Attack (2)– Created By Clive
1-11 The Troggs– Night Of The Long Grass (With Interview)
1-12 The Troggs– When Will The Rain Come
1-13 The Troggs– The Kitty Kat Song
1-14 The Troggs– Maybe The Madman
1-15 Twice As Much– Simplified
1-16 Twice As Much– Sittin On A Fence (With Interview)
1-17 Twice As Much– Baby I Want You
1-18 Twice As Much– Step Of Line
1-19 Twice As Much– Spinning Wheel
1-20 Twice As Much– Listen
1-21 The Bystanders– You’re Gonna Hurt Yourself (With Interview)
1-22 The Bystanders– Have I Offended The Girl
1-23 The Bystanders– Uptight
1-24 The Bystanders– My Love Come Home (With Interview)
1-25 The Bystanders– If You Walk Away
2-1 Paul Jones– I Can’t Hold On Much Longer
2-2 Paul Jones– High Time (With Interview)
2-3 Paul Jones– Baby Tomorrow
2-4 Paul Jones– She Needs Company
2-5 Paul Jones– High Time (With Interview)
2-6 Paul Jones– I Can’t Hold On Much Longer
2-7 Dave Berry & The Cruisers– Now Is The Time
2-8 Dave Berry & The Cruisers– If You Wait For Love (With Interview)
2-9 Dave Berry & The Cruisers– Hidden
2-10 Dave Berry & The Cruisers– Mama (With Interview)
2-11 Dave Berry & The Cruisers– Understand Your Man
2-12 Dave Berry & The Cruisers– My Heart Skips A Beat
2-13 Eric Burdon & The New Animals– Jailhouse Rock
2-14 Eric Burdon & The New Animals– Paint In Black (With Interview)
2-15 Eric Burdon & The New Animals– CC Rider
2-16 The Alan Price Set– Barefootin’
2-17 The Alan Price Set– Getting Mighty (With Interview)
2-18 The Alan Price Set– Lovin’ You Is Sweeter Than Ever
2-19 The Alan Price Set– I Can’t Turn You Lose
2-20 The Alan Price Set– Critic’s Choice
2-21 The Alan Price Set– I Take What I Want
3-1 The Checkmates (6)– Everybody Needs Somebody
3-2 The Checkmates (6)– Stupidity
3-3 The Checkmates (6)– Stop That Music (With Interview)
3-4 The Checkmates (6)– It Ain’t Right
3-5 The Checkmates (6)– Too Many Fish In The Sea
3-6 The Checkmates (6)– (You Got) The Gamma Goochie (With Interview)
3-7 The Checkmates (6)– Outrage
3-8 The Checkmates (6)– It’s Too Late
3-9 The Checkmates (6)– Every Day Is Just The Same (With Interview)
3-10 The Checkmates (6)– Hold On I’m Coming
3-11 The Nashville Teens– Run Diddley Daddy
3-12 The Nashville Teens– Find My Way Back Home (With Interview)
3-13 The Nashville Teens– Let It Rock
3-14 The Nashville Teens– As Long As I Have You
3-15 The Nashville Teens– I’m Coming Home (With Interview)
3-16 The Nashville Teens– I’ll Be Doggone
3-17 The Cymbaline– I Don’t Want It
3-18 The Cymbaline– Living Above Your Head
3-19 The Cymbaline– Peanuts & Chewy Macs
3-20 The Cymbaline– Shake Me, Wake Me
3-21 The Cymbaline– Cherry Cherry
3-22 The Marionettes (2)– Like A Man (With Interview)
3-23 The Marionettes (2)– Insense
3-24 The Fourmost– Baby I Need Your Loving (With Interview)
3-25 The Fourmost– Can I Get A Witness
3-26 The Fourmost– Wake Me Shake Me

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