Bruce Springsteen – Working on a Dream (CD + DVD)


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CD-1 Outlaw Pete 8:00
CD-2 My Lucky Day 4:00
CD-3 Working On A Dream 3:30
CD-4 Queen Of The Supermarket 4:39
CD-5 What Love Can Do 2:56
CD-6 This Life 4:30
CD-7 Good Eye 3:00
CD-8 Tomorrow Never Knows 2:13
CD-9 Life Itself 4:00
CD-10 Kingdom Of Days 4:02
CD-11 Surprise, Surprise 3:24
CD-12 The Last Carnival 3:29
Bonus Track
CD-13 The Wrestler 3:50
Working On A Dream: The Sessions
DVD-1 My Lucky Day 4:01
DVD-2 Queen Of The Supermarket 4:37
DVD-3 Kingdom Of Days 3:58
DVD-4 Tomorrow Never Knows / What Love Can Do / This Life 3:57
DVD-5 Life Itself 3:59
DVD-6 Working On A Dream 3:31
DVD-7 The Last Carnival 3:13
Bonus Video
DVD-8 A Night With The Jersey Devil 3:42

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