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Charlie’s Angels: The Complete Second Season has no shortage of the good-natured cheese and eye candy that made the primetime television show’s debut season wildly popular in 1976. The Angels had a new look in their second year: Farrah Fawcett, arguably the most popular of the show’s three actresses, departed before the sophomore season and was replaced by another blonde dazzler, Cheryl Ladd. (Ladd’s character, Kris Munroe, was the younger sister of Fawcett’s Jill Munroe, whose exit is explained in the premiere episode as a liberated woman’s career move: Jill has decided to race cars in Spain.)
No sooner does Kris settle in than a crisis sweeps through off-screen Charlie’s private investigation agency. While cavorting on Oahu in the two-part “Angels in Paradise,” Charlie is kidnapped by a smuggler (France Nuyen), who demands the Angels break her husband out of jail in exchange for their boss’s life. Bubbly Kris, brainy Sabrina Duncan (Kate Jackson), beauteous Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith), and sidekick Bosley (David Doyle) are compelled to soak up rays and sip fruity mixed drinks in Waikiki while fighting crime in various guises, re-establishing, for another season, Charlie’s Angels’ dramatic and aesthetic game plan for every episode: start slow with lots of idle chatter, put the girls in a ridiculous undercover situation, and get them out of their clothes as much as possible.

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