Epica – Retrospect (10th Anniversary 5-Disc Deluxe Edition) (3 CDs, 2 DVDs) SS L


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DVD1-1 Introspect
DVD1-2 Monopoly On Truth
DVD1-3 Sensorium
DVD1-4 Unleashed
DVD1-5 Martyr Of The Free Word
DVD1-6 Chasing The Dragon
DVD1-7 Presto
DVD1-8 Never Enough
DVD1-9 Stabat Mater Dolorosa
DVD1-10 Twin Flames
DVD1-11 Serenade Of Self-Destruction
DVD1-12 Blank Infinity
DVD2-13 Orchestral Medley
DVD2-14 The Divine Conspiracy ~ Anniversary Edition ~
DVD2-15 Delirium
DVD2-16 The Obsessive Devotion
DVD2-17 Retrospect
DVD2-18 Battle Of The Heroes & Imperial March
DVD2-19 Quietus
DVD2-20 The Phantom Agony
DVD2-21 Cry For The Moon
DVD2-22 Sancta Terra
DVD2-23 Design Your Universe
DVD2-24 Storm The Sorrow
DVD2-25 Consign To Oblivion
DVD2-26 Outrospect
CD1-1 Introspect 4:20
CD1-2 Monopoly On Truth 7:09
CD1-3 Sensorium 6:04
CD1-4 Unleashed 6:24
CD1-5 Martyr Of The Free Word 6:25
CD1-6 Chasing The Dragon 8:09
CD1-7 Presto 3:08
CD1-8 Never Enough 5:47
CD1-9 Stabat Mater Dolorosa 4:08
CD1-10 Twin Flames 5:03
CD2-1 Serenade Of Self-Destruction 10:10
CD2-2 Orchestral Medley 7:53
CD2-3 The Divine Conspiracy ~ Anniversary Edition ~ 7:38
CD2-4 Delirium 6:11
CD2-5 Blank Infinity 5:04
CD2-6 The Obsessive Devotion 7:57
CD2-7 Retrospect 4:28
CD2-8 Battle Of The Heroes & Imperial March 6:26
CD2-9 Quietus 3:59
CD2-10 The Phantom Agony 9:22
CD3-1 Cry For The Moon 12:23
CD3-2 Sancta Terra 5:50
CD3-3 Design Your Universe 11:10
CD3-4 Storm The Sorrow 5:43CD3-5 Consign To Oblivion 9:44 CD3-5 Consign To Oblivion 9:44
CD3-6 Outrospect 3:57

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