Grumpier Old Men – Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau (DVD)


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The success of Grumpy Old Men made this 1995 sequel practically mandatory, and although it’s not much more than a Grumpy retread, the same schtick is just as funny the second time around. Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau reunited as the Minnesota neighbors who make a hobby out of mutual aggravation, but while Lemmon’s married (to Ann-Margret), this time it’s Matthau who’s looking for love. He finds it when Sophia Loren arrives to open an Italian ristorante on the site of Jack and Walter’s favorite bait shop, but only after the grumpy guys have done their best to stop the ristorante from opening. The impending wedding of Kevin Pollak (as Matthau’s son) and Daryl Hannah (as Lemmon’s daughter) puts love in the air, so it’s not too long before Matthau and Loren are singing “That’s Amore.” And Burgess Meredith (in one of his final screen roles) returns as Lemmon’s saucy old father, who gets all the best lines and delivers them with lusty vigor.

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