Hetalia – Paint it, White – The Movie (DVD)


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The theatrical feature Paint It, White! (2010) continues the misadventures of the cast of the series Hetalia: Axis Powers (2009). Various countries of the world are portrayed as teenage boys who alternately squabble and try to work together. They need to concentrate on the latter when the Earth is invaded by the Pictons, featureless aliens who resemble simple CG versions of noppera-buo, the faceless ghosts of Japanese folklore. The Pictons generate multicolored tendrils that bleach Technicolor landscapes into empty expanses of white with a few gray lines. Paint It, White! is no sillier than FLCL, but the characters remain unsympathetic one-notes, and the story careens along at an unvarying pace, interrupted by shots of the logo and the characters saying “Hetalia.” Director Bob Shirohata and his crew revel in offensive ethnic stereotypes, although the series was cancelled in Japan when Korean protestors complained about the depiction of the Korea character in the manga version. The filmmakers recycle a lot of footage from the TV series, including the singularly tasteless gag of Italy announcing, “I’ve got a little surprise for you!” and Germany replying, “What is it, another Jew?” The limited-edition DVD includes a green bandana printed with the characters. (Rated TV MA: profanity, cartoon violence, ethnic stereotypes, alcohol use)

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