Leonard Bernstein conducts West Side Story (2 CDs) RC


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1. Akt; Nr. 1 – 4
A1 Prologue
A2 Jet Song
A3 Something’s Coming
A4 The Dance At The Gym
A4i Blues – Promenade – Mambo – Cha-Cha-Cha
A4ii Meeting Scene
A4iii Jump
1. Akt; Nr. 5 – 7
B1 Maria
B2i Balcony Scene
B2ii Tonight
B3 America
1. Akt; Nr. 8 – 11; 2. Akt; Nr. 12
C1i Cool
C1ii Fugue
C2 One Hand, One Heart
C3 Tonight
C4 The Rumble
C5 I Feel Pretty
2. Akt; Nr. 13 – 17
D1i Ballet Sequence
D1ii Scherzo
D1iii Somewhere
D1iv Procession And Nightmare
D2 Gee, Officer Krupke
D3 A Boy Like That / I Have A Love
D4 Taunting Scene
D5 Finale

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