Marillion – Afraid Of Sunlight (Deluxe Edition) (4 CDs and 1 Blu-Ray) (SS)


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2019 Michael Hunter Re-Mix
CD1-1 Gazpacho 7:25
CD1-2 Cannibal Surf Babe 5:44
CD1-3 Beautiful 5:11
CD1-4 Afraid Of Sunrise 5:00
CD1-5 Out Of This World 7:53
CD1-6 Afraid Of Sunlight 6:50
CD1-7 Beyond You 6:09
CD1-8 King 7:01
Dave Meegan Original 1995 Mix
CD2-1 Gazpacho 7:27
CD2-2 Cannibal Surf Babe 5:44
CD2-3 Beautiful 5:12
CD2-4 Afraid Of Sunrise 5:01
CD2-5 Out Of This World 7:54
CD2-6 Afraid Of Sunlight 6:49
CD2-7 Beyond You 6:10
CD2-8 King 7:03
Live At The Ahoy, Rotterdam (29th September 1995)
CD3-1 Intro (Skater’s Waltz) 0:46
CD3-2 Incommunicado 4:55
CD3-3 Hooks In You 2:58
CD3-4 Gazpacho 6:16
CD3-5 Icon 1:10
CD3-6 Beautiful 5:32
CD3-7 Hotel Hobbies 2:03
CD3-8 White Russian 7:08
CD3-9 Easter 6:11
CD3-10 Mad 2:52
CD3-11 The Opium Den 3:47
CD3-12 Hard As Love 6:33
CD3-13 The Hollow Man 5:13
Live At The Ahoy, Rotterdam (29th September 1995)
CD4-1 Kayleigh 4:08
CD4-2 Lavender 4:18
CD4-3 Afraid Of Sunlight 6:57
CD4-4 Cannibal Surf Babe 4:51
CD4-5 Cover My Eyes 4:15
CD4-6 Slainte Mhath 4:45
CD4-7 King 7:20
CD4-8 Splintering Heart 7:20
CD4-9 No One Can 5:36
CD4-10 The Great Escape 5:46
CD4-11 Uninvited Guest 4:27
CD4-12 Garden Party 7:38
2019 Michael Hunter Re-Mix
BR-1 Gazpacho
BR-2 Cannibal Surf Babe
BR-3 Beautiful
BR-4 Afraid Of Sunrise BR-5 Out Of This World
BR-6 Afraid Of Sunlight
BR-7 Beyond You
BR-8 King
Jams & Early Versions
BR-9 Ascending Synth Groove
BR-10 Velvet Lawn
BR-11 Building Guitar
BR-12 Band of Gold
BR-13 Gazpacho (Early Version)
BR-14 Surfer Bass
BR-15 Cannibal Surf (Early Version)
BR-16 Beautiful (Early Version)
BR-17 KD Lang
BR-18 Out Of This World (Early Version)
BR-19 Afraid Of Sunlight (Early Version)
BR-20 Beyond You (Early Version)
BR-21 Crunchy Guitar Idea
BR-22 Deep Purple Vibe
BR-23 Watery Guitar
BR-24 King (Early Version)
BR-25 Happy Accidents
Documentary (Video)
BR-26 Afraid Of Sunlight 45:00
Promo Film
BR-27 Beautiful
1999 Remaster Bonus Tracks
BR-28 Icon 6:04
BR-29 Live Forever 4:34
BR-30 Second Chance 5:14
BR-31 Beyond You (Demo) 5:17
BR-32 Cannibal Surf Babe 5:59
BR-33 Out Of This World 7:27
BR-34 Bass Frenzy 1:17
BR-35 Mirages (Demo) 6:02
BR-36 Afraid Of Sunlight (Acoustic Demo) 6:49

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