Another Year On The Streets Vol.3 (Vagrant Records) (CD and DVD)


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CD-1 Down To Earth Approach– Exhibit Of The Year2:39
CD-2 Hot Rod Circuit– Inhabit 2:40
CD-3 Dashboard Confessional– Warmth Of The Sand 4:17
CD-4 Alkaline Trio– Heaven 3:31
CD-5 Moneen– Pleasantly Saying The Most Terrible Things 4:37
CD-6 Saves The Day– When It Isn’t Like It Should Be 1:48
CD-7 From Autumn To Ashes– Territorial Pissings (Live) 2:17
CD-8 Seconds To Go– Day Lights 3:04
CD-9 No Motiv– Meanwhile 3:28
CD-10 Hey Mercedes– Roulette Systems 3:18
CD-11 Audio Learning Center– New Cavalry 4:32
CD-12 New Amsterdams*– From California (Acoustic) 3:26
CD-13 Paul Westerberg– As Far As I Know 3:03
CD-14 The Get Up Kids– Like A Man Possessed 4:07
CD-15 Rocket From The Crypt– Flight Of The Hobo 3:27
Another Year On The Screen Vol.2
DVD-1 Hey Mercedes– Quality Revenge At Last 3:31
DVD-2 Dashboard Confessional– Rapid Hope Loss 3:52
DVD-3 Moneen– Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now? 3:33
DVD-4 Reggie And The Full Effect– Congratulations Smack + Katy 2:48
DVD-5 The Get Up Kids– Man Of Conviction 1:33
DVD-6 No Motiv– Into The Darkness 3:24
DVD-7 Alkaline Trio– We’ve Had Enough 3:23
DVD-8 From Autumn To Ashes– Milligram Smile 3:36
DVD-9 Viva Death– Professionals 2:54
DVD-10 Audio Learning Center– Stereo 4:40
DVD-11 The Get Up Kids– The One You Want 3:15
DVD-12 Dashboard Confessional– Hands Down 3:08
DVD-13 Moneen– Life’s Just Too Short Little Ndugu 4:18
DVD-14 Viva Death– Blood And Oranges 2:12
DVD-15 From Autumn To Ashes– The After Dinner Payback 2:48
DVD-16 The Get Up Kids– Stay Gone 3:03
DVD-17 Saves The Day– Anywhere With You 2:32
DVD-18 No Motiv– Independence Day (Live Multi-Angle) 3:22
DVD-19 Reggie And The Full Effect– Fellowship Of The Bling (Live Multi-Angle) 3:17

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