Wings (Animated Feature) (DVD)


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A few weeks before the Super Wings Championship Airshow, a fortuitous accident gives Ace (Josh Duhamel from Transformers), a young fighter plane, the chance to follow his dreams and compete in the tournament. But in order to stand a chance against Cyclone (pop star Jesse McCartney from Alvin and the Chipmunks)-the cocky, current champion-Ace is going to need some help from his newfound friends: Windy (Hilary Duff from A Cinderella Story), the kindhearted purple fighter plane that inspires him to believe in himself; Dodo (Rob Schneider from Shark Bait), the goofy, feathered sidekick that always has his back; and Colonel (Tom Skerritt from Top Gun), the disgraced former coach that comes out of retirement to help train him. This high-speed adventure will be the journey of Ace’s lifetime!

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